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  1. “One-click Hello! Project song title generator”? Seems like I’ll have something to do on this weekend.

    • I pasted all of their singles in a word randomizer and got these classics:

      1. Manpower!!! Moonlight Manatsu LOVE Ai Show Ai no

      2. Koi Only Girl Negatterun

      3. Keibu Morning Now

      4. Collection wo Ska! Band

      (and my personal favorite)

      5. Nude Brainstorming Machine IT’S it!

      It also came up with an insanely long double A side:

      Ikenai Pyocopyoco ~Ai Onna Tane / (色っぽい Monogatari ONE Mr. Kashimashi Egao One・Two・Three Seishun Happy Desu Uta BOY~ We’re no no Princess DEAR (Demo)

      Yes, that was the demo version.

      • wow. that’s pretty good. you should tweet that to tsunku-man!
        other pseudo english titles i came up with..

        – Romans Koi No Adam: The MINDBLASTING!
        – Ai-Scream To My Pudding , It’s All Nude
        – Mikan 2
        -Do It! SexyBoy
        – Hunter Revolution Blue
        – Twilight Princess For One Day
        – Seishun Bus Monogatari

        • Tsunku is going to send a hitman for you for coming up with “Romans Koi No Adam: The MINDBLASTING!” before him. Dammit that sounds badass. “The MINDBLASTING!” I should just rename this site after that.

          Now that I think about it, what he should do is just start stealing cool titles from existing metal songs and mixing them with Japanese. It wouldn’t even matter if they’re in any way related or not. I mean, can you even imagine how cool songs like these would sound:

          負けちゃダメじゃん!~Pandemonic Hyperblast~ (Makecha dame jan!)
          別れ話 ~Moonlapse Vertigo~ (Wakarebanashi)
          恋の瞬間 ~Feeble Screams From Forests Below~ (Koi no Shunkan)

  2. Well if there should be one song title then it should be this:
    Koi no♥LOVEBOAT
    That song would rock. Or pop.

    And of course this could be fun:
    °Atsui! Watashi no Renai is on FIRE!!
    (°Hot! My Love is on FIRE!!)

    And Maimi should finally have her own theme song:
    Nani Nani Nani? Ame Onna Desuka?! Mo~o Yada!☂
    (What What What? I’m A Rain Woman?! No~o I Don’t Wanna!☂)

    And Okai’s theme song’s name could be pretty short:
    Nani Kore?!
    (What’s This?! / What The?!)

  3. ok let’s try, maybe there’s some mistake with my japanese but here I go

    Amai Vanilla [sweet vanilla]
    Sabaku no Oasis [desert oasis]
    Aitakute Turtle [I miss you kame]
    Ai no Kyojin [love titan]
    Fairy Tale no Ouji-sama [fairy tale prince]
    Snow & Sand – Yuuki to Sunao [snow & sand – courage and honesty]
    Yume no Midori Machi [the dream green town]
    Win! Carai onna Makenai!! [win! I wont lose to flashy/gaudy women]
    Mizu iro no Ikemen [water colored hunk]
    Kare to issho ni ryouri [cooking with my boyfriend]

  4. Lmao more of this thread please! I won’t be surprised if Tsunku-san
    does pick one of these titles for his songs!

  5. Some of these are really funny, and some are just mashing together preexisting song titles (which isn’t that funny)…

  6. know that most of the titles are supposed to be jokes but there’s a few I would be interested in seeing:

    #27 sounds like a Platinum Era single, 34 could be an ecomoni revival, 92 could be a nice song, maybe for Juice=Juice?

  7. “Shake Hands! ~All Over the Country~”

    after the song homer will appear and say “HERE FEEL M BLUE NUMB HANDS”

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