2 comments on “The results of the favorite member ranking by the foreign wota of Hello!Online are here!

  1. Someone needs to tell the wota that foreigners love whoever has talent but doesn’t get lines. I guess we can call this an underdog complex.

    Also it’s funny that they think the foreigners will like Tanaka and Takahashi when the foreigners mostly dislike them both… Tanaka is more love/hate but nearly everyone thinks Takahashi is “boring” (which she isn’t).

    • Yeah, I have a serious underdog-complex when it comes to my faves. I love Eripon to death but I know she’s never going to have the singing skill to be a solid lead. Her personality is more than enough for me. Though I do miss Eripon’s personality from the days of UstreamMusume, she was so quirky.

      I more-or-less hated Tanaka before Risa’s graduation. I saw her as line-whore and someone who dumbed down her talent to be popular. Way back when Reina joined she had such a powerful voice but at some point she decided to become a cutesy-character and her voice lost the depth it had. That’s why I’m not her fan. Takahashi, Ai-chan was a totally different matter for me. She was amazing and I loved her. But she already had so many fans, she didn’t really need another one so I gave my attention to the support-members instead.

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