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  1. Would it be alright to ask what show or interview they were talking about? I kinda want to watch the whole thing now…

  2. 666: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/06/21(木) 04:32:24.28 0.net
    It couldn’t have been an easy decision. I’m sure the office considered carefully Terada’s health before deciding whether to have him continue with H!P or not. Still, it’s only natural that Terada would be left with a sour taste in his mouth, feeling like he had been kicked out.

    I agree with this comment the most. Of course Tsunku would be bitter when he still wanted to produce them.

    But with people like Makoto and Shimizu Saki being part of the office I think it’s unfair to worry about the members wellbeing. Not for Tsunku because again I can see why he would be bitter. But why should I as a fan agree when there’s nothing so far that hints the members aren’t feeling well.

    We witnessed Tsunku blaming S/m 2nd gen for the ill sucess of the group. And we just saw the office giving Manakan yet another chance to battle idol life despite of her health condition.

    I know there are many Terada fans around here including Henkka and I’m sorry if my comment upsets you. It probably will. But it was the office that hired Shimizu, Chinami and Maasa after Berryz went on hiatus. It’s the office that gave Kaga, Ichioka, Kurumi and Momohime the chance to debut after all this time they’ve spent in H!P or other idol groups because they saw their determination. With this office I am not worried for the members wellbeing as it is.

    • Like any household, you need a proper break so you can see how your attitude and actions affect others. Likewise, to see what could be done instead or what’s lacking.

      So it’s very plausible he realized something is off with current management after it became the norm for most of what he knows of them isn’t much different from wota. And while no one could entirely prevent mental health concerns (eg panic disorder), he’s at least aware they’re stress isn’t helping it
      And they’re all stressed (some definitely handle it better than others) and you can tell what his concerns for them are within his lyrics for the All Stars single. It’s not him being pompous etc, he’s simply concerned as most fans aware of their workload. But now he’s unable to do more than a parent whose kids are too busy to visit – all he can do now is offer vague words of encouragement and hope they stick.

      btw, I’m confused by what you mean about the three Berryz OG being on staff. I’ve not seen it mentioned before that they have any sway on the debut members (outside of maybe personal advice). And they seemed more involved with some KSS activities which are a ton less stressful than the actual members’, minus CG.

      (ps I will forever vehemently blame him for Yasshii’s wrecked vocals, so no, I ain’t ever defending his past failures as a leader or parental figure to H!P. He had enough sway in the past to at least talk to them and offer guidance when desperately needed even if he was mostly in charge by name alone towards the end)

  3. I wonder if the office had been wanting to get rid of Tsunku for some time and used his health as convenient timing…

  4. “27: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/06/20(水) 22:32:42.10 0.net
    Maybe the office felt that the EDM stuff was pushing it too far?”

    But as he’s said before (and I’m pretty sure I read here at WiT), he’s less able to do a wider variety of music now because the office will reject things like cutesier songs. So the killer combination of less variety and far less quantity.

  5. I miss Tsunku like everyone else and I want nothing more than his involvement, but with how many folks working for HP agree with that and understand his work I’m not too scared. And I can hope Maachan really will take over….

  6. I still get the impression it was something like:
    >them: you need to slow down else you’ll die
    >him: i’m fine, I don’t want to slow down
    >them: ok we’ll make you

  7. I didn’t realize just how disconnected he is now: it was telling that he wasn’t really given some sort of comment on either of the 20th Anniversary specials. It also explains the overall vocal strength (or lack of, really) in the 12th generation—I think the current management were fortunate to have gotten the 13th generation, and Morito as the 14th has been killing it, but it’s odd that the 12th generation still sound the same compared to some of the other members.

    I have to admit I actually still like all the single tracks, but it was also odd a huge chunk of singles were skipped between the 14th and 15th album without even a compilation album…

    • I don’t want to be a dick but if Tsunku was still around I doubt he’d choose Akane or Haachin for 12th gen.

  8. This would be more surprising had I not read that bit in the 20th Anniversary interview about how upper management has been dictating the musical styles to Tsunku since as far back as the Platinum Era.

  9. at the end of the day, this shouldn’t be too surprising… Tsunku was just an employee in the end, so there would eventually be a time where him and his bosses wouldn’t be able to get through their differences and he would probably have to step away from H!P. This was probably was just accelerated when his cancer was diagnosed and the office quietly pushed him out then.

  10. The new all-stars single is so uninspired and sleep-inducing…Juice=Juice and ANGERME have been overstuffed with unfitting girls, Tsubaki’s and Kobushi’s music has been excruciatingly plain…Ive followed.H!P for over six years and since Tsunku left the soul that was driving the production is gone too. Some girls seem to try and keep it going but since summer last year when CG got reshuffled the specialness of the groups was tarnished. I dont know what to make of this bullshit anymore.

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