9 comments on “aiko reveals that she took part in the Taiyou to Ciscomoon auditions and received songwriting advice from Tsunku♂

  1. It would be great to ave somebody like her write for H!P, 2018’s music has mostly been boring.

  2. Henkka, didn’t you once say somewhere that you’re a fan of KAN? Is that how you got into Hello Project?

    • Yes, I’m a huge KAN fan. I’ve been to a couple of his concerts, too. But no, I didn’t find H!P through him. It was actually the opposite: I first became interested when I heard one of his songs on an H!P radio show. I think the tune in question was “Happy Time Happy Song.”

  3. aiko was the first Jpop artist I got into, around the time “Boyfriend” was released, and it wasn’t long after that I got into Morning Musume. It’s crazy to think she was almost a member of H!P.

  4. What would be doubly cool is there was a collaboration album between H!P and aiko—both Tsunku and aiko can write stuff and all the girls/groups can do their own song with her. Imagine an “H!P meets aiko” cover album duo as well: one of aiko singing her favorite H!P tracks, and vice versa.

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