12 comments on “Tokunaga Chinami’s English proficiency improves by leaps and bounds!

  1. So as long as there’s a cute cat in the toilet you’ll be fine. (btw, you missed a word there: but I’ll you one thing:)

    Anyway. 23 has the right idea. Just as a part of GNO, like they did with Maimi and that Lonely Girl’s Night…poem? Was it a poem?

  2. I agree on the portion that in every day use, grammar is not crucial. But you know, since you are learning it, do it properly.

  3. She’s getting better! I’m surprised, she joked a while back about getting nowhere with her studies.

    But oh, 2 is so true. I accidentally typoed a single word once in a 500 character essay (in hiragana, so you could still tell what the word was) and the person replying to it said my Japanese was weird. English isn’t my first language though, so I find the rules between the two both fascinating and headache inducing.

  4. I’m a German who still lives in Germany… my English is crappy and my Japanese is worse… but here’s the thing… with enough dedication you can learn a language without real immersion… I consume series and books in English and I watch variety shows in Japanese… sure, I have some japanese friends and they help me a lot… but it’s not the same as living in Japan…

    so… that in mind I’m not worried about Chinami… she’ll do just fine… but the worst thing are people laughing at you for bad grammar or spelling… it’s awesome to learn new languages because a whole new world awaits you if you get far enough to be able to use it…

    • I always thought I was the only German who’s weird enough to listen to H!P :D.
      Naja, aber so schlecht scheint dein Englisch gar nicht zu sein,
      da hab’ ich schon ganz anderes gesehen. x)

  5. Honestly, the only thing that I noticed at first look was that the “my” was missing (as in, “in front of my host mother”). Doesn’t have to be a severe grammer mistake though, maybe she just forgot it. Happens to the best of us lol.

    Compared to the thread “I can’t speak English at all” some months ago… lol

  6. Wrong: I’m going to read Disney books to try to improve my reading
    Right: I’m going to Disney, who cares about books. Reading? Pfft.

    Jokes aside I’m really proud of Diana she’s gotten really good. Once they get back, Diana, Mitsui, Riho and Nonak should get an English corner or something.

  7. If you think about it, asking for the nearest toilet may be the single most important thing at times.

  8. Nice improvement!

    And really without immersion, having content you actually really want to read or listen to or watch helps boatloads with language learning. My English only started getting anywhere when I got an internet connection and found that there were lots and lots of sites with things I wanted to read that were simply not available in my native language.

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