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  1. “The golden era of Kamei Eri began after she’d already announced her graduation. She was truly beautiful during those last six months.”

    Funny, since Zukki announced her graduation I’ve felt that she’s more beautiful than ever, too. Those Momusu blog pics would pop up on my twitter feed and I’d be like whoa Zukki, when did you grow up? (lol) I mean, many members seem to acquire this sense of peacefulness once their graduation is announced – they usually cry fewer tears than the members staying behind – but recently Zukki has stood out to me.

    Anyway, Eri was amazing and I wonder if I ever even realized how amazing she was while she was still there…

  2. She was the kind of girl that would love you even if you were “welcome to the nhk” type of neet combined with a hot body and magma sexuality.
    You could tell by her “let loose” type of dancing.
    Simple yet mysterious. Elusive. The kind of girl thats close yet far.
    The french call it “ze ne se qua”.
    I still expect news from her. Marriage, work. Anything. Something.

    • News, you say? Well, here’s news from earlier today. She (along with her little sister and grandma) ate fish tonight. Hope this helps.

      (Looking at the tweets directed at that tweet: “HOW’S YOUR BIG SISTER DOING?” “GIVE US A PICTURE!”… and just people genuinely thanking her for saying anything at all about Eririn.)

      • Yeah i follow her sister on twitter hoping for a pic. Till today in vain. Its ok as long as she s healthy and happy.

  3. Kame-chan is everything… she’s beautiful, crazy, silly, intelligent… she’s got a good heart… the aura of an angel… her singing voice is amazing and her performance powerful… for me she’s the ultimate idol and she’ll always be… her graduation was the only one I really cried my eyes out and I’ll never forget this day… after that I wanted to stop listening to H!P songs but I couldn’t… I ended up watching old Hello!Morning episodes and decided to not be sad anymore, when someone graduated… that’s the impact she had on me…

    6 years have past now and we haven’t seen her since her last concert… her sister’s post are like… bitter-sweet… I appreciate them but it kinda hurts…

  4. The golden era of Kamei Eri began when she was born and has yet to end! She will live forever in my heart!

  5. Aichan(Gakisan) was the head of platinum musume, and Eri was the heart of the group. She was naturally talented, was strange and could pull out intelligent quotes out of nowhere. She had the best smile, and a laugh that was addictive as her personality.

    Even though Maachan occupies the same spot in the current group, in some ways Eri and Maachan are like polar opposites while in other ways being similar.

  6. She’s true legend. Even after years she’s remembered, and everything said about her is beautiful.

    Sometimes I’m thankful that they were not popular enough back then. Eri could have been a different girl then…

  7. 122: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/12/28(月) 20:04:25.10 0.net
    There are huge fans of hers even among the overseas fanbase.”

    Yup Kamei is still and forever will be my Kami Oshi.. Kind of impossible for me to like any idol more than I like Kamei… I’ve kind of noticed that even though im a DD all the idols I favor a bit more are idols that remind me of Kamei and help fill the void my idol world is missing.. Right now, Sato Masaki may be the idol closest to Kamei Eri in H!P while Kojima Mako is the closest out of all of AKB48G to me

  8. I can think of quite a few, to be honest. (This is probably TL;DR when done so…)

    1) Her personality. She seems more ‘grounded’ than others. Between comments from Niigaki and herself, there’s a constant running line where they address Kamei as, “…not acting like an IDOL.” From doing things to how she acts, it spins away from ‘idol’ to more of ‘the girl next door’ which is the typical essence she gave. This could also explain the fierce dancing and focused singing. There’s not wanting to mess up and ensuring ‘she belonged’ with the group. From how she often acted, you can tell the whole thing was oddly surreal to her but she made the best of it. It was said she was shy early on, but then broke out after a ‘news segment’ part where she could be more herself (away from other idols and not immediately worried about possibly looked down upon). This probably won major points with the group when they saw she wasn’t just going to be a ‘back up dancer’ kind of idol… which also allowed a little more freedom for Kamei.

    2) Being grounded, you can spot moments of fatigue and exasperation from her. Though only for a few seconds, she rebounds rather quickly to push on, refusing to hold the group back or down. The ‘English segment’ showed part of her frustration. (Listening to her say Cheese is a big hint. She kept getting a touch higher pitched because she was frustrated that she already lost the word ‘refrigerator’. If you don’t believe me, watch it again, just watch her and listen. You can actually hear the frustration building. But instead of getting mad (not becoming of an idol and it would look rather bad), she realized she was getting flustered and turned back to ask for him to repeat. This, in a way, calmed her back down because she had to go back to paying attention. And even after that, she pushed through as fast as possible.
    In concerts, you can see glimpses of fatigue as well, but she musters more effort and pushes through the set. This also explains her hyper ness backstage, getting revitalized that she could, and DID do it at such a level.

    3) I could go into looks, but a few have already covered it.

    4) You can see her attitude about being an IDOL by how she carries herself. The fact she can be outmatched in wit (often by Niigaki) can be seen more-so during the time she was teaching about tuna. You KNOW Gaki set her up because she hinted, “You’re pretty easy to read.” And then she explains that she saw under the sticker. So when it came to the tuna’s EYE eating time, the sticker was long enough for ‘Niigaki’, but what was under it? Sensei (in this case, being Kamei). Even Kamei defended that ‘that was wrong!’ and showed it was Niigaki slotted to eat the fish eye. But because of that, you got her genuine reaction, “Being an adult is scary”, accepting she would have to eat that eye anyway.

    5) There’s also times she comes off as more ‘normal’ than the others. Trying to do a promotion on a roller coaster but cannot manage. Expected. The ‘CinderREINA’ cheer from Reina followed by Kamei with, “Cinder…” Blank for a moment. You can see her mind went to Cinderella, but then snapped back to, ‘that is NOT what she said’… “Reina.” This is more of a normal person than an UBER-performer. She was probably rehearsing the song and dance steps in her head so she wouldn’t faulter then heard Reina cheer, which threw her off for that moment.

    6) She often spoke of ‘finding herself’… this is a very normal thing and it spoke of her actual concern. Most of the idols would go in gunning to be singing, dancing, whatever else. Kamei joined to break her shyness. She wanted to better herself and saw that as a way to do so.

    7) Even acting ‘not like an idol’, she knew and purposefully pushed to emphasize she was ‘cute’ to get away with everything short of LITERAL murder. The reason it took her a bit to ‘break out of her shell’ was because she wanted to see how things operated, ensured she had the training down, and a few other things before trying anything that could backfire on her.

    Times she talked about having holes in socks and not caring and being genuinely concerned for other members as well as trying to have fun in everything she does, that rubs off on people and audiences alike. IF (not likely but IF) she returned, her energy might be lower, but she’d keep a more comedic feel for others. She is a great talent and will sorely be missed.

    HOWEVER, all that said, she reminds me of Rick Moranis. Let me explain real quick on what I mean:
    Some folks get into the big lights and realize, “Hey… this isn’t for me.” It could be many reasons, in most cases personal. She didn’t “Leave” because she wanted to screw over her fans. Far from it. Remember, she was trying to find herself, she probably came to the point where things were getting too congested and she chose the ‘best option for her’. Rick quit because he wanted to be with his family. Kamei graduated for one reason, but that may have just been on a snowball list of things.

    Sorry it’s long (would’ve been longer but my memory is absolute garbage). Just what I think of the situation on why she was so well loved.

  9. Kamei Eri. Turtle Love.

    Eri Kamei is loved because she is turtle love. \/ <3 :)

    Your beautiful smile and charming personality are missed Eri-san. Make a movie or something. Get it posted on Youtube.

  10. Somehow I can’t help but share that I still love Kamei today. She is a very beautiful soul in addition to a gorgeous woman. I wish for her to return. Watching her makes everything a little easier.

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