16 comments on “Is it true that idols will hate you if you change your oshimen?

  1. They probably don’t care that much. They understand that all us wotas are insane anyway, so it can’t be helped.

  2. > Hearing what they’ve said on the radio, it seems they do care quite a bit. They’ve talked about seeing some fans always wearing the same T-shirt, until one day at a Hello! Con or something noticing how they’re wearing a shirt of a completely different group.

    So Hello!Con are difficult in that way. Makes sense… So it’s might be a dangerous idea to go there with a pink Momochi shirt after kntm has gotten used to seeing a red one. Time to break out a blank white shirt? But that’s probably no good either.

    Aah… What to wear, what to wear?

    • Just wear a suit and tie like all the salaryman wota who head there straight after work. If you’re a gaijin, they’ll probably assume you are an English teacher, lol!

  3. Nope.
    Every face becomes a blur after a a month of handshake events.
    If you are tall or blond or a foreigner if you stand out in a big way from the rest, they might notice. But even then, they wont care a lot or for long.

    For idols the fans are a collective, one entity giving them money. They might answer individual fan letters etc but thats in the job description.

    • they do remember tho… if you go to handshake events you can tell they remember some fans because they sometimes continue talk where they last time left off or they’re like “oh you got glasses”

  4. I have often wondered if any of the idols have ever tried to boast their popularity by making a point of remembering the names and faces of all the wota who show up to handshake events? It might be possible to do so without a photographic memory by reviewing tapes of the handshake events on a regular basis. That would really shock most wota if their favorite idol recognizes them, remembers their name, and picks up the conversation where they left of a month ago.

  5. I change my oshimen daily… sometimes it’s Maa-chan… on rainy days it’s Sato-san… when the sun is out and I’m in a good mood it’s Masaking!

    I could never betray her ^^ but I definitely felt bad when she entered and Sayu was degraded… just because she was still part of the group… but when they leave it’s ok… that’s why Sayu’s graduation wasn’t a shock… I felt relieved XD “I love you Sayu… but you’ve been part of Momusu for 12 years now… it’s time to step back – bye bye!…….. is she gone?……. yaaay!!” *party*

    I miss her .___. isn’t it time for her to at least show up in backstage videos?

    • to those who gave me a thumbs down… I was actually pretty devastated at Sayu’s graduation… I was just kidding… I kinda hoped the “I miss her” part made it clear I was cynic…

  6. 9: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/12/21(月) 07:55:47.10 0.net
    It’s best to let go of that weird sense of duty and just become a shitty DD like the rest of us. You can have the most fun that way.

    Exactly.. While i do have some favorites i essentially like everybody… Everybody is unique and that uniqueness is what makes an idol group special

  7. I remember Sayu saying once how she got a lil sad when she saw people that were her wota’s shifting to Riho, but she was like i won’t hold this against u so u can come back!! that was one of her birthday t shirts motif, Chayuuuuuuuuuu

  8. >28: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/12/21(月) 08:14:59.18 0.net
    >I once got a reply back from Linlin when I sent her a fan letter after she’d gone back to China.
    >“如果可以 幇助現在的早安成員 我非常高興” (“If you’d like, I would be very happy if you >would support the current members of Momusu.“)

    The Chinese sentese is not fluent.

    “幇” is Simplified Chinese (using in Mainland China)
    “員” and “興” is Traditional Chinese (using in Taiwan and Hong Kong)
    幇助 means “help” and not “support”

    I don’t think it is writen by a native Chinese speaker.

    Sorry for my poor english.

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