5 comments on “Tsunku♂ “Dakara, Ikiru” Chapter Four: Something to Protect (2006 ~ 2011)

  1. Such a fascinating read. It’s painful to imagine how tough the beginning of the marriage was for his wife. She must be a really strong, patient and loving woman.

    And as a fan, Suki-chan is one of my favourite songs and somehow it’s made even more special knowing that he wrote it when he was learning how to be a father.

    Again, thank you so much for translating this!!

  2. okay, getting off drugs and steriod abuse is probably a good thing. BUT buying unpolished rice just to polish it yourself is INSANE! that’s a waste of time. i mean unpolished rice is full of vitamin B and fibre that’s good for you. where thebloody hell did he get that crazy idea?!?

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