7 comments on “Tsunku writes awesome song for Kikuchi Momoko: “Seishun Love Letter”

  1. At first I thought it was the classic “amazing Tsunku work, she’s a genius” H!P fans always say when it’s just the average garbage he does, but in fact this song is very good.

  2. Lol, the lyrics were written by someone else.. of course its good.. Get Tsunku to write the lyrics.. I bet it would be something weird or perverted

  3. I see no need to be impressed by Tsunku for being able to compose an 80’s style song. The song is great, especially when I love 80’s idol music, but in a way, all the textbooks have been written for 80’s music; he’s not breaking into new terriroty. It’s like being impressed by an indie video game developer who gets the retro 8/16 bit design right. All the cards are laid before them. In a way, it’s below Tsunku’s level because of how generic 80’s it is.

    • Although it admittedly helps that I dig the 80’s sound, I’m not impressed because Tsunku wrote an 80’s style song. I’m impressed because it sounds really good to my ears.

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  5. “6: ,,, Terada writing an answer song to Akimoto. (laughs)”

    that’s a disgusting mental image.

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