17 comments on “The fact that all members of Hello! Project wear panties

  1. A quick note to those who don’t follow me on Twitter. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve recently been busy after moving to Japan and I won’t be able to be as active as before for some time. Still, I’m going through the backlog and I’ll make sure to translate all the threads I find worthwhile like always. It’ll just take time.

    Rest assured, you’ll keep getting your fix of whatever the hell this is.

  2. There was a DVD mag once I think that I saw in which members took it in turns to do like a variety show-esque thing with Tsunku as the host, in which Riho shared her No-Pan escapade stories, due to her wearing a school swimsuit under her uniform because she had swimming that day, then forgot to take knickers as well. Was rather amusing.

  3. good luck in japan Henkka! Pretty ironic that you’ve moved to Japan you’ll have less time to translate japanese threads…

    Also, best picture of Sayu ever… I bet if she ever reads a thread like this, that’d be the smirk she would actually use.

  4. welcome back… i missed your updates, somehow i’ve grown accustomed to checking this site everyday to see wut new translations youve done… Good luck in japan

  5. #16 is indeed disgusting but I agree with #46 I laugh my ass off that post
    btw I prefer syal / scarf worn by member instead of pantsu…

  6. >70

    i get the impression they all wear bloomers or black boxer shorts these days. except mano. mano must always have white panties.

  7. At first I was like, Henkka, where have you been??” but then I saw your comment, “Well its ok bruh, take your time” ^-^

    Glad to read your new post by the way, and… I almost spill my morning coffee reading #16

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