9 comments on “Is being a solitary wota any fun?

  1. I’m not sure if I’m a big H!P Otaku, not sure; or even if I’m a ManoEri Wota. But my only experience in interacting with other H!P fans or Otakus was on the Hello-Online picboard when commenting on ManoEri pics. I really liked that the back-and-forth between many of them, but meeting with Wotas? Haven’t had the chance.

  2. I haven’t had the chance of meeting other wotas in real life, but I’ll be glad to. I think it’s always good to talk with other people with something in common.

  3. Honestly, meeting JP wota is always an interesting experience. They always give you stuff :P It might just be the ones who bother coming to Europe though, but all the ones I’ve met here are awesome, friendly and a blast to have a few drinks with. I recommend it.

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  5. I don’t have H!P wota friends…my brothers are AKB wota & snsd wota though
    I want to have a wota friends to talk and share our opinions
    but I wish we would have different oshimen so we can get more information from each other and less conflict

  6. Ive met a few foreign wota at AiGrad. I think I can count one as a friend. It would be awesome to have a wota gf though

  7. I’m guessing that being a solitary “wota” is, naturally, even more usual to fans outside of Japan, it would be a real miracle to randomly encounter someone who’s really into H!P, it’s quite possible to find people who are into things like anime and manga because they always are somewhat popular subjects but to encounter someone with interest in the idol world, and especially into H!P, would take a miracle.
    Well the country I’m living on is Finland, I know that there are at least me, my brothers, Henkka and couple of young girls on YouTube who are into it, but that’s the only people I know. I haven’t never met anyone else in the “real life”, besides my brothers, who would be into idols. It would be really interesting to meet someone like that but I’m guessing that it’s not going to happen soon.

  8. I find it sad that most of these people don’t wanna talk to other people. I feel like this is quite common in Japan though. Unless you’re in Kansai – at the LovendoR concert in Osaka, I was actually surprised because we female fans all chatted at lot :D (but then again, we’re girls, haha. we can’t just not talk.)

    but I’ve enjoyed talking to other Wota at concerts, since I never get the chance to talk to other H!P fans at home. And it was a nice opportunity to practice my Japanese too ^_^

    thanks for translating!

  9. even though I’m a H!P wota live in JPN, it’s not easy to bump into another H!P wotas in daily life. because of that rareness it would be great if I happened to meet another wotas and have a chat with. once I happened to meet a MM wota at a public bath in Osaka, and we had a quite long chatting on this and that about MM. It lasted for about 3 hours, eventually I got burned on my foot. you know I had been putting my foot in hot water for 3 hours! I mean that was so fun that I was able to ignore pain. haha

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