25 comments on “The overwhelming sexiness of Murota Mizuki

  1. That’s why now they always give her those big ugly baggy shorts, she’s too damn hot for the common people.

    • see… it’s not hard to write something nice… ^^ enjoy your first “like”

  2. 73: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/03/14(月) 23:07:34.58 0.net
    While I don’t go out of my way to let everyone know about this… Murotan is actually the most fan service-oriented member out of everyone from H!P.

    Cannot agree more

  3. Wow. Never thought someone from H!P could pull such effect so well! Well of course Airi, but even compared to her, it’s quite a different level…. it’s pretty much what #60 said.

  4. Murotan is so good right now, she was amazing in the Tsugitsugi zokuzoku PV. That’s why I’ve always thought that a great performance can overcome a shoddy setting.

    The girl knows how to work a camera/audience like few in HP. She’s probably just below Airi and pretty close to Ayacho already. The sky is the limit for her.

    • UFA moving Murotan and Rikako into ANGERME was a surprisingly bold move but it’s really set the group up to be a force within H!P for years to come

  5. Honestly, it’s finally a girl on stage that screams “idol”. As in, entertaining idol, kind of like the ones in the early 2000s. Someone here mentioned Ayaya, and I agree. She knows how to draw attention on her.

    She’s just so much fun to watch on stage. I wished more people actually gave as much as Murotan.

    • Agreed… she’s not an underdog who has to work hard to become an idol, she just sort of naturally seems to ‘get’ being an idol.

  6. A lot of H!P fans are Morning Musume first (or first and only) so they miss out on the goodness and individuality in ANGERME because they’ve usually pegged ANGERME as their 2nd or 3rd favorite group. ANGERME is full of awesome characters (yes, even 2ki!) and Murotan’s on stage sexiness is just 1/9th of this amazing group.

  7. Lol, never thought of Murotan as a sexy member, she’s more cute and cool to me… I’ve always noticed her though even back in the egg days, she was one of my top 5 fav eggs along with Rikako, Hama-chan, Taguchi and Nanamin (rip, will never forgive H!P for making this one graduate).. Murotan amazing dancing and charming face and gestures are what got me noticing her and probably what got everyone else… She has a undeniable skill to attract attention to herself which is a rare yet desirable skill

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