7 comments on “Tsunku Boy’s declaration: “2013 is the year °C-ute strikes”

  1. This was very interesting. Thanks for the translation!
    I knew the wotas hadn’t liked Kono Machi much, but I didn’t think the opinions were so bad. I agree that it was a bad decision to make a freaking cover song from a forgotten idol after they managed to gain some popularity. Making a song for the earthquake victims is nice, but Tsunku got lazy and didn’t make a original one, which is bad.
    But Crazy Kanzen na Otona is so awesome that I forgave him. lol

    • I’m glad you thought it was interesting!
      Yeah. From what I’ve read, the general reception of “Kono Machi” seems to have been an almost universal “meh.” :)

  2. I hope this is a good year for C-ute. I’m jealous of France–getting Morning Musume, Buono!, and now C-ute. And Kikka, I guess.

    “78:名無し募集中。。。:2013/02/17(日) 09:15:23.35 ID:0
    If he’s saying something that big, that means he must already have something planned.
    Either their next song is amazing, or they’re going to do a show at Budokan or something.”

    lol This wota was spot-on.
    I think Crazy Kanzen na Otona is impressive. I didn’t like it when I first heard it (due to having high expectations from Tsunku’s “you’re going to wet your pants” tweet), but it’s grown on me since I saw the Hinamatsuri performance.

    Thank you for translating these 2ch threads!

  3. Man i feel like this year is everyone’s year. Reborn Momusu, C-ute even Juice=Juice! He should just call it The Year of the Hello Project lol. But yeah France keeps getting all the love though..

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