8 comments on “Kishimoto Yumeno: “I found lots of your trash laying on the floor after today’s concert.”

  1. Man, they should see venues in other countries
    Or just public spaces in general in other countries
    Like, Japan is so clean for how few trash cans they have around, as expected of Nippon

  2. I found a watch on the floor after a concert once. Not an expensive one but it was waterproof so it’s come in handy when I’m swimming.

    I’m perversely happy that I found it before an idol did.

  3. It’s funny because when World Cup happened, Japanese fans were considered clean since they would take their trash away and properly, so it’s a surprise.

    • It’s only a surprise, cause you haven’t actually seen anything about Japan or the Japanese. While a many Japanese do not litter, there is still a massive amount that do. Everywhere in Japan has litter, everyone just thinks it’s clean, cause it’s cleaner than where they are from and really, they aren’t paying much attention to it. Too busy oooing and aahhhing over whatever it is, they went to Japan for.

      What you’ll see in Japan,is businesses have their own workers outside to clean. People clean in front of their house. Random volunteer litter cleanup groups. Neighborhood watch type cleaning. As you get to the suburbs you’ll start seeing more and more litter. Get further out, even more.

      At least there, I haven’t see people blatantly toss a bag of garbage out on the road or something. Like I’ve seen in the US and Germany.

      • When I was in Tokyo, I noticed that most littering was done in ways that are not very obvious. Empty cans stuffed between the branches of bushes, under the lower bars of fences, a small heap of trash on the corner of an empty lot, that kind of thing. Considering the size of the city it was reasonably clean overall.

  4. More probably the fault of the local staff hired for the concert, whom are neither from upfront or concert venue. You get the mandatory “free” drink for 500 Yen when you enter, and if the staff fail to give you a trash bin when you exit, you still need to free your hands for the handshake.

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