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  1. I think it’s odd to say “even if the pace slows down a bit” when the pace has already been slowed down by a lot. It seems to be recovering a bit but it’s still made things boring.

  2. The loss of Tsunku-san (mostly), Momochi…Riho, Duu, Sayumi…Meimei, Kanon, Zukki…is all too much for me. H!P has lost my interest by about 60%…I still will follow and pay attention but not hardly anywhere near what i used to…

    In terms of quality of music STARDUST has filled that music gap for me…Ebichu, Syachihoko and MCZ as well as the lesser groups…the members as well I like more…the agency is top notch and quality in the way they treat the girls..concerts and PVs are amazing… but i miss that old H!P magic. Things change though. Especially in the Idol world.

    I am glad Tsunku-san cheated death and can be there for his family. After all that is what’s most important.

  3. What show and airdate were they talking about where Hyadain & Matsuko Deluxe were discussing about Tsunku?

  4. In a hundred years time, all the recent composer credits are probably going to be relabeled to “after tsunku”, like you see in art galleries when nobody cares who the actual artist is, but which school it was from is hugely important.

    I also wonder who long it will be until it turns out that some heavily processed-sounding backing vocals is actually him with his throat voice unfiltered.

  5. Matsuko just crossdresses, you know, he’s not trans…
    Also how sad that we live in a world where a male producer surrounded by girls is praised for respecting them as humans. That should be a given. Scum like Aki-P can just disappear.
    Anyways, thanks for the translation as always. I’ve only been reading for about a year and a half but I’m always learning new, interesting stuff here and having a good laugh. Congrats on 5 years!

    • I’ve been wanting to ask this because I’m curious, so even if it’s a bit off-topic: Is Matsuko’s crossdressing thing a character or does he just feel like doing it?

  6. There’s a lot of interesting different POVs here, as always. I love reading these translations, being linked this blog was a huge blessing. I always appreciate your hard work!

    Anywho, I can positively say I’m a fan of current momusu, but… I took a huge break from H!P from about 2013-2016. I was disappointed every single momusu release, I got busy with school,
    and I had no desire to keep up with it anymore. Even when I got back into it in 2016, I didn’t really watch any new MVs until late 2017.

    I don’t think I’d ever hate H!P, but I feel like the break was necessary. I like Tsunku as a lyricist and a producer. Obviously he couldn’t control everything or make everything okay, but he has a parental and respectful aura around his lyrics. Even songs that paint the narrator as a selfish brat are just like, “yeah, people are like that.” It’s not like he looks down on anyone.

  7. Along a similar line, one of the recent H!P things to leave me genuinely mad at the lost opportunity is the Morning Musume 20th anniversary stuff. A series of digital releases for several months culminating in a mini-album featuring all current members and a selection of old ones… and of 6 non-remake tracks, only 2 are from Tsunku? That’s not a celebration of the Morning Musume I know. That is in fact one of the least Morning Musume releases in existence, shy of Pepper Keibu and COVER YOU.

  8. Has it been five years already? I started reading a couple of years ago and I think I’ve gone through all your translations, including Tsunku’s books. Thank you for sharing your efforts with us!

  9. Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work!

    Tsunku is a musical genious and I really miss his songs in H!P. I became a fan of H!P 9 years ago, but this past year I haven’t really been able to enjoy H!P as much as I used to. I don’t like the new songs as much, and keeping up with what they are up to feels like a chore to me lately. I am a big fan of Tsunkus songs, but I also miss the groups, the members I fell in love with back then. The only member who is left is Ayacho, bless her, she has grown so much. For me H!P has lost some of its flavour it had in the past.

    I guess I should let H!P go for a while.

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