7 comments on “Tsunku♂ Love Theory: “Foreword”

      • Incorrect. Kago joined in 2000, the year this book was published.

        But, to your credit: the first edition of this book came out in January 2000 (pre-Kago). The version I’m translating, however, is the “definitive edition” from October of the same year. This was after 4th gen had joined.

  1. Thank you so much. I see books about H!P every now and then but never come to purchase them because I don’t know enough Japanese. Your translations make me reconsider buying them!

    • Thanks mate. I don’t remember now if it was someone here on the comments or on Facebook or on Twitter, but someone said they’d buy the original book that I was translating at the time, just because of how they enjoyed reading my translations of it. That really made my day. This book seems to be long out-of-print so you might need to buy it second-hand if you really want it, but even so: your comment made me very happy.

      Thank you for reading.

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