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  1. When broken down the greatest works of art ever are simply the sum of the colours applied to the canvas. If the hand using the brush is skilled everything will be fine if not the colours will still be there but muted and off. We will only know in time if Tsunku replacement has as steady a hand.

  2. tsunku appeared to give heart and soul to the product
    without him i expect it to slowly deteriorate

  3. I know they’re talking more about the actual music side of things here, but when it comes to post-Tsunku H!P I think Berryz is an interesting thing. There are people who were heavily influenced by Tsunku for most of their lives, and now like half of them are themselves exerting an influence on H!P or its members in some higher capacity.

  4. Actually, I was positively surprised by Utakata. Precisely because it was very Tsunkuesque. Perhaps not the most original, but the song has obvious great qualities on its own. Reminded me of what J.J. Abrams did with The Force Awakens. A classic, if not a bit predictable, hommage to Georges Lucas, but nevertheless gripping and well rounded up.

    Of course, I would expect a bit more personality for the next song, and be amazed by what Tsuno is really capable of.

  5. In my opinion, Tsunku stepped down from his position as main producer is for H!P greater good. I indeed love his works and masterpieces. But in the end, even the greatest artisan in the world with great legacy, most time come home empty handed. I love his music, but legacy without longevity is just history.
    I know it’s hard, but we know that not all Tsunku’s works are masterpieces. Some even completely forgettable. And we also know that the company also tried to bring other masterpieces to H!P for more diversity. And yes, we know some of these “new waves” creations are overly good and we still humming these songs even when we know they aren’t Tsunku’s.


  6. 4: 名無しさん@黒豹 2016/05/14(土) 14:37:56
    You have wota with their “Hoshibe Shou = Tsunku♂” theories; wota who deny those theories; even wota who think “Hoshibe Shou = Hashimoto.”

    But, everyone knows that Hoshibe Shou is Maro (Fukuda Kanon) …

    everyone knows that Hoshibe Shou is Lin Lin (Qian Lin) …

    everyone knows that Hoshibe Shou is LITTLE DEVIL (Sato Masaki) …

    everyone knows that Hoshibe Shou is Michishige Sayumi …

    everyone knows that Hoshibe Shou is Berryz Kamen Blue (Sugaya Risako) …

  7. I didn’t even bother to look at who actually wrote the songs. I like The Vision and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi. I can’t listen to that Utakata song at all. Course, it’s nothing to do with it being written or not written by Tsunku. I just don’t like those type of songs.

  8. 2 out of 3 of the songs on the new “single” were by Tsunku-san. He is hardly done with MM. The rest of H!P yes, but not Momusu.

  9. some of these comments make me really angry… some miss the point… and a few make me think, that there is hope for the H!P wota… at this point I don’t even care, if some die hard Tsunku fanboys will hate me for this post…

    it simply doesn’t matter who wrote the songs! it’s music… there is no such thing as “Tsunku-ism”… many wota didn’t even realize, that Tsunku wrote 80-90% of all Momusu songs after his graduation and said things like “this doesn’t sound like Tsunku! I don’t like it! it’s not the same!”… but guess what… IT’S THE SAME! goddammit… then there are songs that actually Tsunku had no part in it before he graduated and many praised them for being Tsunku-like…

    don’t get me wrong… I love Tsunku and I appreciate everything he does… he’s a crazy genius and his love for music brought us amazing songs… and still does… but there are many other talented musicians and producer, songwriter and artists who are hated just because they’re not Tsunku… why!? utakata is an amazing song… just listen to the separated bassline… it’s a masterpiece… the lyrics are great and make me smile everytime I hear the song… it is praised by other musicians because it’s a good song… there’s no other reason…

    but I miss Tsunku whatsoever… not in the music but on stage… I cried, when he came on stage at 2015s Japan Record Awards… but as long as I can enjoy some of his compositions I won’t complain… in the end I’m a H!P fan… that means, that I enjoy all songs I like… not just the Tsunku songs… and there are also the members who perform all these songs… and last but not least the musicians who actually turn the compositions into the music…

    now you can shower me with hate and thumbs down…

    • >>now you can shower me with hate and thumbs down…

      Take a number, we’re all busy spamming thumbs down on baskervill’s posts

    • dont get me wrong…i dont love tsunku, i mean sure i read his book that henka translated (thanks henka by the way) and the man appears to be decent. i m not his fan however, nor can i tell you which songs he wrote.

      but i think tsunku handled more than just the music.
      before they were famous it was tsunku that managed to get them a spot on utaban and they ve been regulars for many years.
      i could be mistaken, but i think tsunkus songwriting was just a part of the work he did and i m not sure it was the bigger part

  10. I agree that Utakata isn’t that Tsunku-like, yet it climbed into my top 10 MM songs, maybe even into my top 5.

    We have to let go. Especially musically. Kobushi has released some great songs, Country Girls and ANGERME too, and they weren’t written by Tsunku. It’s ok.

    I do miss him in special announcements, though.

  11. The most important skill of Tsunku for me is not song writing, but an ability to see raw gem through audition

  12. Just simple comment here, every person have his/her glorious period, just enjoy the show. Don’t put lots of complaints or hates.

    Tsunku-san deserved the best appreciation for all his works in H!P so far, but people must understand also that his health become first priority for now.

  13. I would like to see michitomo write a song for MM and see what the wota’s reaction would be like.

  14. Utakata is a good song, but it’s far from even the laziest of Tsunku’s funk compositions. Before listening to the song, I knew it wasn’t Tsunku’s but I didn’t know it was funk. I liked it and appreciated that they were trying to keep this almost staple genre of H!P songs alive, but honestly did think it was lacking. Since Tsunku stepped down, the only one who’s actually been close to replicating the Tsunku-isms is Hyadain with Chotto Guchoku ni. That song is rife with nods to the Platinum Era.

    But, at the end of the day, it’s fine. Tsunku stepping down was going to happen eventually. The only issue I have with it all, aside from shit like this where “OMG! This song is so Tsunku!!!1! XD”, is that Tsunku needs to write songs for the other groups more often. The songs that Tsunku has been composing for MM since 123 have been sub-par at best and flaming piles of garbage at worst. EDM just isn’t his thing. Looking at the timeline, the quality of his songs for MM started getting even worse once he found out he had cancer, to the point that I thought the cancer had completely ruined him but then he does Juice’s newest single. That single is light years better than anything MM has come out with in a long while, especially Otona no Jijou.

    Basically, Tsunku needs to either focus more on groups other than MM or completely needs to exit his EDM phase, which he is slowly doing at last.

  15. Alright boys and girls. Sit down and listen to what PROPER Tsunku/H!P funk sounds like.

  16. Utakata is standard J-pop funk/disco inspired music. It’s nothing innovative or new. It’s weird when people called it the New Love Machine. I know that song is beaten to death but it was weird, innovative and catchy at the time.

    • I haven’t seen anyone calling Utakata innovative or anything, but maybe some are. I don’t think a song has to be ground-breaking to be good, though. I’m a huge fan of Tsunku, but Utakata is the only song on that single I like.

  17. Tsunku HAD to step down, staying full time was not even an option. I personally think at the moment the escence of morning musume is contained in our 2 9kis, the 10kis and sakura. C-ute has its very own vive but they sure could lead Hello!Project (Maimi doing the tsunku appearance on graduations). But yeah in my opinion the true feeling of Morning Musume and Hello!Project is in the members and not in the staff or the songwritters. And then again Tsunku just came back in this single with 2 amazing songs, future is bright guys ! MOMUSU SAIKO :)

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