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    It”s so fucking modern free avant-garde.

  2. The entirety of C-ute’s The Middle Management feels like it’s addressed to me in a few years. I can only giggle hysterically because the other option is crying :x

  3. I’m actually learning Japanese mainly so I can appreciate my favourite Japanese songs better, cos with lyrics like these, it’s such a waste to not understand what they mean sometimes. Unfortunately whenever someone asks me why I’m learning Japanese and I tell them that, they just give me a confused look

    • For what it’s worth: I personally think that’s as good a reason for learning a language as any.

    • It’s a lot easier telling them that then telling them it’s so you can properly understand tentacle porn.

  4. this is super cliche but h!p lyrics that inspire me: 誰よりも私が私を知ってるから誰よりも信じてあげなくちゃ!

  5. The whole first chorus of Brainstorming really motivates me when I’m feeling down! And listening to Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa, as a whole, makes me so happy.

  6. I’ve always loved the depth in Tsunku’s lyrics but this thread really made me think hard about some of them…his words aren’t great because they’re brilliant, but because they’re true.

    For me, Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe in its entirety speaks directly to my heart. Especially lines like,

    “So lonely that I can’t sleep, you know there are days like that…”

    “By the time we are united,
    beyond the time and space
    I wonder if
    this planet will be purified?”

    “Do you think we’ll be together in the next life time?
    I miss you…”

    This song always feels so sad to me, as if Tsunku himself was contemplating his own life and death when he wrote it. Having my own serious health issues, his words really resonate with me. His words are full of these universal truths that almost seem to have the power to transcend the space and time we ourselves are bound to.

    Inevitably, a day will come when Tsunku must leave us, or when we must leave him. Like he mused in this song, shall we feel restless and lost, because we’ll never let go? Or will the hope of being together again must keep us moving forward, so that we are together again?

    by the time we are united,
    beyond the time and space
    I wonder if
    we can sit down together,
    listen to your songs,
    and truly laugh and smile
    just like you taught us to?

  7. やめて! それ以上 目立たないで みんな気づいちゃう やめて! ライバル増やさないで もう遅いかも

    has always had special place in my heart.

  8. Itooshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni was totally what happened to a part of my life.
    I cried so much when I heard the song.

    Sometimes I wonder if Tsunku is a fortune teller…

  9. No matter how many silly lines Tsunku will hide in his songs (Theory Irony, or nearly all of The Peace!), I will always think of him as a lyrical genius. His songs in general are very good, but his lyrics are amazing.

    Reading this thread after a graduation message/last performance marathon wasn’t the best thing to do. I’m tearing up again. As said, some lyrics are silly, but others are just deep. It’s not even about a lost love or something, it’s about the whole life – and how life can be beautiful.

    Thank you, Tsunku.

  10. “Delivery pizza always troubles me / Large or medium? Pizza (Pizza!)”

    Haha, nah, I’m just kidding, but #215 already took my favorite. :D

  11. 君と共に友と共に夢と共に汗と共にいつか笑いの絶えない自由な時代が嫌なことなど吹き飛ばすさ (“Together with you and with our friends, with our dreams and our sweat we’ll bring forth an era of freedom where laughter never dies and that blows away all the bad things.”) [Be Alive]

    I pretty much completely love the whole song though.

    I think the “君はどんな顔で歌う” and “愛しくて愛しくて尊さを感じてる” parts are missing in the translation. Well, I’m not sure how to best put the last part either…

    • Whoops. Right you are. I just now edited >>85 with a quick translation as I’m hurrying to leave the house.

  12. For some reason the lyrics to 22歳の私 always make me kind of depressed. I guess we all have that feeling of reaching a point and realising “hang on a minute, I don’t really know how this whole life thing works”.

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    • poor Yuuka…you can tell in that pic that she’s already contemplating leaving the group =(

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    Sincerely yours at h!p-perv,

  15. Listening to songs like Uchouten Love, Chotto Matte Kudasai, or Kanojo ni Naritai always make me feel bit tingly inside. It’s like I feel like a 14 years japanese girl. It’s disgustingly fun.

    I’m 26 and muscular btw

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