7 comments on “Katsuta Rina’s cowgirl position is too intense!

    • I left it untranslated on purpose as a joke to stay consistent with its official English “translation” (or shall we say non-translation) actually found on S/mileage’s official YouTube channel where you’ll find such gems as: “You’ll see business will recover so we should become Yattaruchan” and “Looks like Japan may become the country of Yattaruchan.”

      With that said, projecthello.com translates Yattaruchan as “a person with a can-do attitude.”

  1. What #17 said.
    I’ve never been aroused by any idol in anyway but that got me good.
    I guess she’s my favorite S/mileage for a reason.

  2. This is so wrong, yet I can’t stop laughing :D

    Thanks for giving S/M some love, Henkka!

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