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  1. A lot of cool details there.

    — I had no idea it was supposed to be an educational software. (laughs)

    Tsunku♂: That was my thought behind it. My kids are two years old at the moment which is just the age when they’re starting to sing and dance, so I’ve been looking for some kind of a rhythm school for them… but if there’s no such thing out there, I guess I’ll just have to teach them myself.

    Ahhh, now having at least his daughters involved with the most recent Rhythm Tengoku feels a bit full circle.

  2. I always wondered where both Tsunku’s name came from (I assumed he thought of it himself) and where a name like Sharam Q came from. I never thought it would be a mix of different band names.

    This is a great interview, thanks for translating and sharing as always!

  3. good read on the best idol producer ever… Finally figured out where the Tsunku name came from

    Lol to the fact that Makoto was a complete dumbass back in the day… They dont even know how he graduated.. The teacher told him he’s guaranteed to be a failure if he dropped out lol

    • I thought that was really interesting to know how Tsunku♂ got his name. I have changed my name accordingly.

  4. Henkka, will you be translating Tsunku’s Ichiban ni Naru Hito? Or have you already done so? I’d be very interested in reading it, as I really enjoyed his most recent book that your translated (title escapes me at the moment) and I’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve read from his Love Theory book (I need to get around to reading them all at some point).

    • I’m not sure. I bought the book but I have yet to give it even a quick read. My intention is to translate another book after Love Theory — I’m just not sure what that book is quite yet.

          • Thanks Henkka, I’m looking forward to it!

            What about translating that book Riho wrote after she graduated? I’m not sure how interesting it is or if it was anything like Tsunku’s Dakara (that’s the one I was thinking of!), but I think there’s many that would be interested if it is anything similar. I’ve always wondered about it but no one ever translated it. I don’t know if you liked Riho much, but it may be interesting to read if she talked about her time in MM from a former member’s standpoint. (Unless she didn’t and that’s not what the book was about. In that case, never mind. lol).

  5. Thank you so much for translating this. It had a wealth of details and Tsunku being a total wonk and explaining in a wonkish way how he got to be a wonk and this is possibly my favorite post on this site now, after the recording directors roundtable one. I can’t get enough of Tsunku explaining things in analytical ways that really resonate with me. He really is the secret sauce in H!P.

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