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      • I can’t for the life of me recall where exactly Makoto said this, but I distinctly remember him saying this before. Makoto was always known for his awesome “mushroom haircut,” and so when asked why he’s always wearing a hat these days, he said it’s because what’s on his head no longer makes for a complete mushroom.

  1. >>232


    > picture
    Oh shit…

    > PS. There might be more of old 2ch stuff to come. A lot more…
    That’s cool, thank you Henkka.

  2. >PS. There might be more of old 2ch stuff to come. A lot more…
    Only after I read this did I look at the dates on the posts. :D

    • I wouldn’t say that they are rather useless. The are a way to try to increase the popularity of a member of a large group who might not already stand out. I might not be a fan of the bikini shots but they are a way that a member can get noticed.

  3. >207.
    OUCH! Iida was my first Momusu favorite. How dare you?!

    And useless? Aika’s ternure in Momusu + still being part of the company after literally doing nothing remarkable.

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