11 comments on “Hello! Project Family Meeting: Married Couples Hooked on H!P

  1. I started to read the interview with relative interest, but finally i found it very interesting and funny. Especially liked the wife’s points of view.

    Although marry with a wota girl must be like the heaven and hell at the same time. ^_^U

    Thanks again, Henkka.

  2. First! I’m happy about a couple who can share their love for h!p, thanks to them I can meet other wota than the creepy old dudes who touch them self thinking about the girls, but I have meet girls who do the same and think it’s alright to do it, because they are girls…
    This kind of wota couple give me life I can feel the same

  3. That was so cute~!
    Man, I wish I could find someone else IRL who likes H!P, let alone a lifelong partner…

  4. No any mention of Maachan’s name and her absurd philosophy. This couple ain’t deep people.

    Just kidding. Anyway, the guy looks familiar. I recall I’ve seen him in an indie movie some years ago, though he gained some weight.

    Love this type of convo. We get to read some introspection on their fandom as a couple. I always thought being an idol fan is sorta forbidden issue among couples. I’m glad it seems to be not like that.

    Great stuff, Henkka.

  5. soooo cute… just smiled reading this entire thing

    kind of wish I had somebody else around to talk to about my wota-ness outside of the internet forums and threads… Kind of sucks when you have goods at some of songs on your phone that nobody understands why you have it

  6. “Inuyama: Well, idols obviously need to be cute. And let’s be honest: if it was a child born from us two… I don’t know about her chances. (laughs)”

    Pfft…. Such modesty. She’s very pretty, imho.
    She looks like an older version of Ogawa Rena, to me i in the top pic, anyway.

  7. That was extremely cute. I always try to make my boyfriend like idols, but he just doesn’t care. At least I got him hooked on early Hello! Morning videos (he liked the ones with Yuko)

  8. Nice interview, funny how they talk about their baby joining HP during the interview when she might have been pregnant: If she gave birth in January 2017 and the interview took place at some point before June 2016, then she was likely already expecting, so she may not have known or not chosen to reveal it here.

  9. Oh man I’m so Jealous of Japanese fans who have no trouble finding friends and even romantic partners who like H!P. I have no friends IRL who like idols let alone hello!project. They’re super cute and sounds like they have a fun life.

  10. How interesting, they like the (fairly) dark skinned members (Sakura, Ayacho, KanaTomo and Kishimon). I wonder if they liked Chinami too haha.

    Interesting interview! :)

  11. Awww that´s so sweet! thanks for the translation.
    I’m married, my husband doesn´t like MM like I do, but he tolerate it and listen to me when I tell him about auditions, news and new singles! that´s what love is about haha.

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