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  1. “Eri had been on her way back home from a lesson”

    … Is Kamei Eri in school? Not a driving school, I hope… oh my god.

    • Oops. That was actually a pre-Momusu era episode. I should be sleeping and not translating. Edited for clarity.

  2. Thank you for the translation as always!
    Sayu sheds some interesting info about some things, as always.

    • I have to disagree. There definitely are more and less cute animals. Owls are cute. Stylized hippos are cute too. Real ones less so. Fukumura has something of a stylized hippo. I can definitely see that.

  3. Wonderful work Henkka-sama!

    First, even without make-up, Sayu is insanely beautiful.

    Second, how sharp her comments are! It should silence anybody who still believe she’s just a pretty but empty shell.

    Third, final proof that without her, Momusu will lose a lot a flavor. Huge shoes to fill for the other members.

  4. Round of applause for Henkka for translating another monster thread… All Hail the Queen Sayu for giving us wota what we want

    Highlights of this thread….

    -Sayu slyly calling the Berryz members fat lol
    -Her knowledge of the “poor” daishi joke
    -Answering questions about the goddess Kamei
    -Saying nobody deserves her pink color… I whole hardheartedly agree, save it for Rikako
    -Her appearance on Mille-Feuille dvd… To me, she has never looked better than on that dvd
    -Her choice of solo song for Eripon… Eripon could definitely make a JKM completly about her
    -Sayu calling Kanon fat several times, bet you guys wont get mad at her though :)
    -Her hatred of the recent Morning Musume t-shirt designs
    -Revival of the Rokkies MC segment just once before her graduation… dear god, please let this dream come true

    • Sayu calling Kanon fat several times, bet you guys wont get mad at her though :)

      Only Sayu. I’d be furious if anyone else said it. Only Sayu.

      • I am pissed, that little shit shouldn’t call anyone fat, when she looks like a bargain brand sex doll that is only half inflated.

        • As much as I agree on the “I am pissed” part, I do not agree with your comment about Sayumi. That’s way too rude from you dude.

          I do believe she was harsh on her way of saying stuff though.

  5. “Ikuta I don’t really care about so I’d just make her wear whatever.”


  6. “Suzuki: I did think of one, but I can’t say it out loud…PIGGU!!!”

    how does it feel, fat justice?! trolololol

  7. Another highlight missed………hitting Fukuhime up for money, either verifying she’s rich or just adding to the meme.

    She’s probably jealous of the fact that Fukuhime’s PB sold out and goes for a premium in the after-market, she doesn’t mention enjoying looking at it! LOL!

    She was hilarious thoughout the entire interview, she can still use that poison tongue whenever she feels the need.

  8. Haha, all the fat jokes…
    So goddamn funny. :) She’s really in tune with what fans are thinking.
    Gonna miss her when she graduates. Best of luck to her.

  9. What’s this whole thing about Cool Hello and t-shirts? All I know is that lately, all the birthday t-shirts have been awful.

    • Have you seen the last tour t-shirts of Morning Musume ? the group one was black with a small gold Lightning on the heart, and the name of the tour on the lower back. The member ones were grey with the color member instead of gold. and the textile, half the density than before; nearly the same you can find in a 100Y shop.
      Nearly everybody was wearing the previous tour t-shirts or the birthday t-shirts or even others bands t-shirts.
      even the t-shirts announced back then were awful, sakura one was dark purple with just a small sakura flower on the heart. Sayashi was black with a rectangular box and only her birth date like a serial number.
      °C-ute tour t-shirts had the same design as Morning Musume but with the Initial letter of their name in romaji instead of the lightning.

      I never seen anyone wearing them.

  10. — If Fukumura Mizuki said she would do anything for you, what would you ask for?

    My Answer: At a handshake event, I asked Mizuki if I could give her a creampie as her 18th birthday present. As expected of the innocent, pure princess that she is, she asked me what it is, since it sounds like a delicious pie. I told her its a genuine NAKADASHI that I’ve actually been longing to give her all this while. The next thing I knew, I was thrown out of the hall by Security.

  11. The good old poison’s still there, eh?

    And she just hits all of those member stereotypes/memes. As expected of our beloved net patroller…

    I want one of those t-shirts. ;_;

    > rihorihorubsfukuarm.gif
    I didn’t notice Rihoriho winking before! She’s all like “see, it’s so nice, too bad you can’t feel it!”

    Now, for the only possible way to end this comment:


    • >And she just hits all of those member stereotypes/memes. As expected of our beloved net patroller…

      If she did she would have called Riho/Ayumi “korean grandmas”, called Ikuta/Masaki/Oda/Kanon fugly and said Fukumura should do AV.

      But judging from her answers she only seems to read threads made by her own wotas.

  12. This was more informative than usual…. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chayu started the ‘Zukki is fat’ and ‘Ishida is poor’ memes in 2ch herself.

    I wonder if the answer to what she would make Ikuta wear was made jokingly? Otherwise, it would be pretty odd for her to give that harsh answer. Maybe she’s had a falling out with Ikuta? I know they’ve never been particularly close but it’s an odd answer.

    Also, surprised no one has mentioned her Koharu answer… Even though this issue died down since the ‘stepping stone’ comment, you can still see it hits a raw nerve for Sayu.

    • I’m pretty sure Zukki herself started the “Zukki is fat” meme. You know… By being obese.

    • If you watched any of their TV appearances together lately you should be aware that Sayu shittting on Ikuta is a running gag lately. Ikuta is trying new shticks out like to be center and like Sayu’s successor.

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  14. Hahaha, Sayu, so brutally honest. I dare anyone not to love this girl. She’s one of a kind.

    Not crazy about the Zukki fat jokes, though, but at least she’s pretty critical of everyone in the group (either about their looks or their personality)…

    • let’s hope her fans don’t forget how often Sayu says that Zukki has a pretty face and get too butthurt about this.

    • Zukki also has her own “self-deprecating idol” thing going, so it’s perhaps a bit in jest. Still I hope she loses some weight. :P

  15. Sayu is not cute enough to be shitting on everyone like that. She’s very pretty, but without the make up she really depletes in the looks department. I find Mizuki to be much more of a natural beauty.

    • >without the make up she really depletes

      But she looks exactly the same with makeup as she does without…. I can’t tell which pic is supposed to be which.

          • I’m sure that’s the only type of genetalia you will have experience with. Please express more concerns of your vexed virginity.

          • So now this dude actually resorts to using other peoples name to write these stupid ass messages… I would never even waste my time writing shit like that… Grow up!!! this shit is not funny, nobody is laughing but you

          • Thanks Henkka, hats off to you again… I love this site and its sad that these jack assess do shit like this that detracts people from coming here… You do alot of hard work translating these threads and it shouldnt be ruined by the nonsense of others

  16. Man, this girl. She’s frank yet knows how to toe the line with her tongue. All of the rokkies were great in their ways. Not to take anything away from the generations after.

  17. Apart from everything:

    I vote for Sayu’s possible future daughter to be named Sayuri.

  18. i enjoyed the translation but the comments were crazy awful.
    anyways, thanks henkka for all these translations!

  19. As a Sayu fangirl, and not a thin one (I’m kind of working on it though) I am a bit hurt by her words, but is not too much to stop loving her or anything. I know that I’m fat, and I know that I HAVE to lose weight because it’s ruining my health, and I feel it, and I don’t need anyone to tell me “but you’re not fat, you’re pretty” because that’s not the thing, the thing is that I need to lose weight for my health, is something more serious than “beauty”.

    Yes, the words are too much since the girls are so young but, the wotas say more hurtful things, you know? And if you didn’t notice, Sayu doesn’t hate Mizuki or Kanon, I don’t think she hates any of the members (yes she is closer to some members but that always happen), and you know how she is, she has the sharp tongue, that’s her character, she can’t change that right now and Michishige Sayumi, as an idol, without that, is not the Michishige Sayumi that we all know..

    As for the “Zukki is fat”, don’t try to deny that she is not thin. She needs to lose a bit of wheight, it surprises me the changes that her body since her debut in the group, and it scares me because maybe she has some hormonal problems, stress or anxiety and she needs help if that’s the case, because you know, she is an idol, and she goes to dance practice and the concerts, and it surprise me that with all of those excercise her weight is not according to her height.

    Sayu knows that she has a lot of potential, and she has said that Kanon has a pretty face, a really pretty face, her face is just so cute with and without makeup and she is photogenic. But that’s not enough, the fans constantly criticize Kanon’s weight and that doesn’t help to her popularity. That doesn’t mean that she has to be thin like…the girls who have anorexia, but her weight needs to match her height. You don’t realize it, but maybe Sayu is trying to tell her what would help her to increase her popularity, because she is cute, she has a great personality and her voice is not bad. She just need to lose a bit of weight, not too much, just a bit.

    I don’t hate Kanon, she is one of my favorites. And yes, Sayu’s words can hurt a lot, but is not a reason to hate her.

    • I’m pretty sure that what Sayu says to Kanon seriously, she’ll say backstage, in private. All these comments are just her famous “poison tongue” schtick, and they’re a big joke, which Sayu, the fans, and the MM14 Round Mound of Sound are all in on.

      • Looking at some reactions, it seems that there are a few who are not quite in on it…

    • I wouldn’t worry about hormonal problems, in a recent interview Kanon said that she dieted for the auditions then stopped when she got in. So her weight was below normal, for her, when she joined.

      • Ugh, they’re really going to have to ask for an image dating six months prior to the audition to applicants in order to prevent this in the future.

        Because that’s just bait and switch.

  20. It is that time again……….
    2nd birthday after here graduation
    happy birthday. sayumin

    • Sayumi does not dislike Ikuta at all. Erina plays a masochistic character who is willing to put up with any insult or put down because it means that she is being the center of attention. Sayumi plays off of that because Sayumi felt that it was her mission to increase the popularity of the other members of Morning Musume so she was willing to do anything that was necessary, including putting Ikita down. Of course, the fact that Sayumi is a grandmaster of insults with a deadly poison tongue probably made Sayumi’s put downs of Ikuta seem more harsh.

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