17 comments on “Interview with Lehua (ex-Coconuts Musume)

  1. Lovely lady. Loved both her and Sayaka in Aoiro 7, they brought a different energy to the group. Thanks so much for setting this up!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Henkka! Also, thank you Lehua for accepting to do this.

    This was a great interview and a wonderful initiative. I loved reading all of it, even more so the answers to my questions (thanks for including them :D)!

  3. The best part, for me, is hearing about how genuinely kind and supportive all of the girls in H!P were. That’s always been something that has made Hello! Project stand out in my mind above all other idol productions, and a large factor in my continued support of the group(s). I don’t like seeing idols being forced to compete with one another, as it tends to create an undesirable working atmosphere for the girls, so H!P is in a higher class in my opinion. I can’t adequately express my gratitude to Tsunku and the rest of management for making such a comfortable environment possible.

    And as always, thank you for your fine dedication to translating for us, Henkka, and (although I doubt she’ll read these comments) I’d like to thank Lehua for taking the time to properly address all of our questions honestly and earnestly. This was a great read! ^_^

  4. Thanks Henkka… Massive props to you for getting to interview a former H!P idol… Thanks for using my question too

  5. Very nice interview. She’s beautiful. It’ll be interesting to have a group like Coconuts Musume at this day and age. Through the internet, they could receive more international support than back then.

  6. “I still keep in touch with several members from both Coconuts Musume & Hello! Project.”

    I wonder which ones who weren’t in CM she’s talking about. I could be way out of the loop about it but I don’t know of any english speakers. Dabblers yes but not what you would actually call a speaker. Perhaps Ayaka and/or Mika translate for her.

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