16 comments on “I love Sayu so much I want to die

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  2. 138: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/10(火) 20:13:13.20 0
    I love Sayu so much, I dance inside elevators.

    I hope he’s the only one in the elevator, or that could get a bit weird.

  3. 97: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/10(火) 19:47:29.95 0
    I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong about this… but I think no matter how well you sleep during your entire life, it can never compare to how well you would sleep inside Sayu’s embrace.

    Of course, you would be embraced by a goddess… A nights sleep in Shige sama’s arms would be as close to divinity as mankind can come.. Even if It meant I would never wake up again I would say that death would be well worth it :)

      • Can you not feel the divine serenity coming over you, even just imagining her arms tenderly embracing you? The feeling of safety and love as she holds you close? Surely, like that I could sleep for all eternity. The one drawback is being unable to partake of her cuteness while you sleep, so it’s a double edged sword.

        • I used to feel this way about Reina, but now Sayu has also worked her way up to this level in my mind…and I never even knew I wanted her to be there until now.

  4. All that exists in this world can be matched or bettered, save our human mortality, and Chayu. To live is but a common feat, yet death can only come once to each of us. The only experience more unique and special than death is to experience love from Chayu. And in the impossibility of receiving Chayu’s love, the next greatest feat for man is to die.

  5. Mere humans should not touch a goddess. That’s one of the reasons I’ve turned against handshake events.

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